Customized Yoga classes can be designed for groups or individuals.

Themes might include:

  • posttraumatic thriving
  • positive emotions (e.g., gratitude)
  • mood dysregulation (e.g., anxiety, depression)
  • addiction
  • yamas or niyamas (e.g., santosha, contentment)
  • prenatal
  • back care
  • workplace yoga
  • chair-based
  • classes adapted for kids

Teacher Training

Continuing education modules for Yoga teachers:

  • Creating Safe Spaces: Trauma, Emotion Regulation, and Addiction in the Studio
  • Contemplative Science in Yoga Classes: Mindfulness, Compassion, and Meditation
  • Karma Yoga and Social Justice in Your Community: Connect, Integrate, Serve

Some Background on Yoga

The substrata of the system of Yoga, considered one of the six faces of Hinduism, can be dated back 5000 years or more. Its branches have expanded from roots in India to shores across the planet, a dazzlingly complex multi-layered ever-evolving phenomenon. Branches of Yoga include karma (service), bhakti (devotion), jnana (self-study), raja (meditation-based), hatha (the sun-moon approach which includes asana, pranayam, meditation, and other techniques), among others.

Most folks in English-speaking countries understand Yoga through asanas, the postures. Though asana practice is a part of all classes on offer, their primacy will shift, depending on the group or individual. Ultimately, the path of Yoga leads to connection to and realization of higher self – the nuance of this meaning differs with each individual.

About Jo

Jo is master’s level clinical psychologist (PhD in progress) and an E-YT 750 Yogacharya (i.e., trained at the “master” level, and is an “experienced” yoga teacher who has received over 750 hours of in-person training at Yoga Alliance certified non-profit organizations). She has been studying, practicing, and sharing the healing and transformative power of Yoga around the world since 2000.

For her offerings in Yoga, she was featured on the front page of the Arizona Daily Star and was quoted in the New York Times on the integration of yogic techniques in everyday life. Her service org, Project Surya, has won awards from the Yoga Journal and the Yoga Service Council. To read more about her background in trauma-informed Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and psychology, please visit the bio page.

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