Group movement has been shown to elevate mood, strengthen the immune system, and keep practitioners motivated to continue coming to class, along with many other benefits. You will find these classes warm, inclusive, and responsive to your needs as a group and as individuals. While participants are encouraged to move together (the benefits of synchronized movement are especially well-researched), a variety of alternatives are always provided, as well as an open invitation to child’s pose. If you have a group of people interested in organizing a series of group classes, customized to your needs, please contact Jo directly.

Most group classes begin with directing attention to the breath and a gradual warming of the body. At the close of classes, a short savasana or meditation will be offered. Below are some examples of current specialized group yoga offerings:

Current Offerings

Mindful Movement: A combination of vinyasa and hatha movements with special emphasis on a mindful approach to asana and breath. Running themes include open awareness & non-judgment in the present moment, with compassion, using breath as an anchor for attention.

Integrating Positivity: These classes focus on positive emotions as identified by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson: Joy, Gratitude, Serenity, Interest, Hope, Pride, Amusement, Inspiration, Awe, and Love, as well as Courage, Forgiveness, Creativity, Humility, and Generosity. Movements, verbal cues, and meditations focused on each theme are interwoven based on yogic philosophy and positive psychology.

Yoga for #metoo: A class specially designed for participants who have experienced sexual trauma. Safe space is nurtured with community connection activities, trauma-informed movements, and themes around healing and empowerment.

Eye of the Storm: Do you find you’re worried, tense, stressed too often? We’ll be offering the perfect antidote in this finely tuned combination of movement, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques.

Darkness to Light: From the start, this class meets you where you are. We begin in supine positions, slowly making our way to standing poses toward uplifting heart-openers. A short group exercise wraps up the class with connection and joy.

Previous Offerings

Sankalpa (Intention): Working with your group, we’ll create an intention-specific class. If your group of yogis happens to be mostly mothers, we can set intentions before class like “Bring Patience to Every Moment,” or “Cultivating Courage in Transitions.” Before asana, we’ll have a short meditation on the intention, and throughout the class, we’ll elicit elements of the postures that speak to your intention. Nourishes conscious practice, and helps to integrate yogic techniques into everyday life.

Flow (Gentle Grace, The Middle Way, Fierce Flow): In these classes, we synchronize standing, seated, and inverse asanas (postures) with conscious breath. These courses use asana movements as an analogy to the dance of life and practitioners are encouraged to find stillness within.

Classic: Very similar to a Sivananda class, or what you might have experienced in a “Hatha” class. All practitioners are welcome to participate in chanting (mantra), meditation (dhyana), breathing techniques (pranayama) and postures (asana). A contemplative asana practice, with exploration of alignment and the subtleties of poses, gross and energetic. Beginners and those with injuries will enjoy the personal attention, while more intermediate practitioners will have a chance to experience postures in depth for longer periods of time. This is the kind of asana technique most researched in Western academia for its psychological and physical benefits.

Lunar Bliss: A slow-paced asana and meditation class combining restorative yoga, visualizations and massage. Pillows and bolsters are used for extra comfort, while postures are held for long periods of time. This practice engenders feelings of serenity and surrender, a perfect way to set adrift any stress or tension from the day.

Chakra Charge: Energetic balancing from the root of the body, up the spine, to the crown of the head.

Elements: An Ayurvedic approach to balancing the body via fire, earth, air, water and ether. Poses are held for several minutes and the elemental effect of each pose is described in detail.

Prenatal: Gentle yoga for pregnancy with extra breathing exercises and visualizations. Whilst pregnant, hip openers, flexibility and restorative stress-busters make pregnancy and delivery worlds easier! Develop a deep connection with baby throughout the practice, and finish with a soothing meditation.

Yoga for Kids: A great way to channel all that young energy into something positive! Increase your child’s focus, flexibility and strength – while having a blast pretending to be yoga animals!

Yoga for Teenagers: Yoga is also a great tool for teenagers, whose hormone imbalances can be an awfully awkward experience. These classes focus on encouraging positive body-image, focus, and confidence.

Golden Yoga: Classes specially designed for practitioners in their Golden Years.  Postures will be gentle, sometimes utilizing the stability of props like the wall and (when available) chairs.

Yoga for Back Pain: Safe, strengthening, and healing, these classes move slowly and special attention is given to each individual practitioner. Lower back and neck pain tend to be the most common ailments, but practitioners with slipped discs or other unique back care concerns are welcome.

Advanced Play: Customized semi-led sequences designed for yogis already deep into their asana practice.