rainaI belong to a “Girls Night Out” group that does various activities around the San Francisco Bay Area. We are ALWAYS looking for new and exciting things to try, so I was thrilled when Jo Qinaʻau agreed to lead our group in a private yoga class at my home. The group consisted of mostly novices, who had never done any of the poses and Jo was patient and attentive, making sure we pushed ourselves to achieve the proper pose, while making our safety and comfort her first priority.

THANK YOU so much, Jo, the Ladies and I loved your class and can’t wait for you to come back to the States with all the new wisdom you gain from your travels!

~ Raina Munson, California


So many good things to say about Jo! Jo taught me more about yoga than any other instructor I’ve worked with. From the philosophy of yoga, the history, the body movements, to the more spiritual aspects of it, Jo is totally plugged in to all things yoga related. It’s her joy, her passion and therefore learning from her is exhilarating.

Jo is also the most conscientious and most accessible yoga instructor I have ever had. I always felt well-cared for and comfortable in her classes which allowed me to open up my mind and body for some challenging asanas that previously had been off-limits to me. Now I do them with gusto and look forward to learning more. Her keen awareness in the classroom and healing touch are the perfect combination for any level yoga learner!

~ Natalie Wharton, Wisconsin



Joanne is one of the most inspiring Yoga instructors one could ever know. She makes her Yoga classes fun and relaxing. I attended Joanne’s classes in Tucson, AZ. Joanne taught me several different stances and how to meditate. I would recommend Joanne to anyone. Believe me, you will love her!

~ Carolyn Barnett


Project Surya classes are great!  I learned many asanas like gomukasana and many pranayam to help with my studies. Miss Joanne is a fun and kind teacher and I hope she can come back to Benares soon. Yoga life is a good life. Thank you, Project Surya!

~ Pushpa Yadav


I attended yoga classes led by Joanne Qinaʻau over a six month period while living in the UAE, and loved every minute of my practice with her! Joanne has a very soothing and approachable method, at the same time bringing years of diverse training and experience to her practice. Incorporating a wide range of poses into her class, Joanne helped me strengthen new found muscles and achieve a balanced focus.

Joanne’s classes also incorporated the meditative and spiritual aspects of yoga and I was so happy to be a part of her fantastic fundraiser for Japan. I left each class with Joanne feeling powerful, enlightened and connected to my body, mind and community. Thank you Joanne, for sharing this wonderful gift.

~ Emily Ruzzamenti, Washington


Practicing yoga with Jo was a GREAT experience. It was my first time and I learned a lot about the basics. She made us first-timers feel at ease and confident with our movements even though completing 108 Sun Salutations was definitely a challenge. It was a serious workout for a very good cause. I’d love to practice yoga again with Jo!

~ Ryan Miles, Canada

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  1. Joanne is an inspiring teacher, with beautiful language and an open heart. She has the experience and capacity to meet students where they are in their own practice, as well as tapping into what they need, whether it’s encouragement into challenge, or an invitation towards restoration. Jo embodies the selfless service of karma yoga through her continual work of sharing the healing forces of yoga through Project Surya and her various undertakings giving back to her community. After experiencing her teaching style, I approached Jo to help me develop my own teaching. As a freshly certified yoga teacher, Jo took me under her wing and helped me find my voice and my confidence. I am so grateful to have encountered Jo as a yoga teacher, a mentor, and a great new friend!


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